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Review: Cafe Del Sol

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I had originally had plans on Saturday that had sadly gotten canceled, so I tagged along with my mom to go to the bank instead. Still wanting to go out for lunch, I browsed the Northwest/Northeast sections of US for restaurants near by. Did you know Edmonton’s northside is SORELY missing on non-fast food eateries? Its really quite upsetting and makes getting reviews up as frequently as I would like too a little difficult. Regardless, the name Cafe Del Sol came up. Now, I haven’t had a mexican meal in about three or so months (my last visit to Tres Carnales) so I was pretty excited.

Cafe Del Sol is located just up the street from O’Leary school, kind of tucked away off the beaten foodie path. It’s very easy to locate, and the atmosphere once entering was warm and welcoming, almost like stepping into a quaint Mexican family’s home which makes sense- seeing as the chef and owner both hail from Mexico. Although it was Saturday afternoon it wasn’t busy so we were seated quickly. I had already checked the menu before arriving so I was already ready to order, however, my mom needed to mull it over a bit. The lady (who I believe was the owner) was very kind to us, and patiently waited.


Nachos and Salsa: These actually came free with our meal! The salsa was house-made, and was amazing. The tomatoes were rosted so it added an extra level of flavour to it which is always nice. The nachos themselves however,were store bought. Honestly though, this didn’t bother me. You’ll see why.

Tamale: We had never had tamales so my mom and I each had our own, and honestly we should have shared one. Cafe Del Sol makes their tamales with pork, steamed with corn mesa inside the corn leaf (which you do not eat!). On its own, its very filling but so delicious. The pork is soft and the corn mesa is flavoured with a delicious blend of spices.

Chorizo and Carnitas Tacos: First off, I really liked that I was able to get two of each tacos at no extra charge.  I won’t lie of course, I went with two things I knew I would probably like but there are several other taco options. The chorizo is made in house and its absolutely wonderful. Its not greasy or overly spicy, two of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to chorizo. The pork was soft and tender, similar to the way it was in the tamale and tasted like it had bathed in tequila, so my heart was quickly won. Both come topped with onion and cilantro to enhance the flavour and on soft house made tortillas. I also got the side order of guacamole (hey, put guacamole on anything and chances are I will eat it regardless.) They make each order of guacamole to order. Meaning, if you order the guacamole it come to you fresh. It hasn’t been sitting since that morning, the chef made it just for you and it shows in the taste. This is the best guacamole I have ever had in restaurant. Ever. These were perfect little bits of heaven.

Sopa Azteca: This was mom’s dish. Chicken,tomatos,cheese and a myriad of other things blended together to make a mild soup. The broth was quite flavourful however she did say it was too salty.

Overall: I, personally, preferred this place to Tres Carnales in both terms of service and food. Considering I ate almost exactly the same thing I would at Tres Carnales and paid considerably less for better food, I will be making more trips here. I highly recommend it!

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