Honey Jam

Location: 8130 Gateway Blvd NW
Website: https://www.honeyjam.ca/

Oops! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve made a post – mostly because I have been sticking to some of my old staples if I have been eating out. One place I wished I had reviewed on their initial run is today’s subject – Honey Jam. Attached to Hanjan’s Off White location, the pop-up initially offered Korean burger treats – including a Cheese stuffed pork katsu burger that was to die for.

With their reopening, Honey Jam now focuses on Katsu and Udon, going for what are traditionally Japanese offerings this time around. Despite being right around the corner from my office, I opted to have it at my desk on this day – what I didn’t know at the time is that I could have used the code “buzzbuzz” for 20% off my order. This code will be usable until the end of January, both in store and online so make sure you take advantage of that! They offer three kinds of Katsu – House, Curry and Carbonara in your choice of Pork, Chicken and Cheese (which is Pork+Mozzeralla) as well as several kinds of Udon soups. Now, what was for lunch?

Mini Corn Cheese: I am in love with this appetizer dish – and besides popcorn, this is probably the only way you will get me to eat corn. The Corn cheese here had a sweetness to it I haven’t experienced anywhere else at this time, and it was creamy and cheesy and just absolutely delectable.

House Cheese Katsu: If there is one thing you can say about me with absolute certainty, is that I love cheese. I had tried the aforementioned Cheese Katsu burger from Honey Jam’s first go around and it was outstanding – and the team at Honey Jam just know how to make a damn good katsu. The cheese was perfectly melty and complimented the pork and wonderfully crunchy coating. The house sauce has a familiar “bulldog sauce” taste to it while also being its own elevated flavour. Served with rice and a salad, this was a great meal. I guess if I had to pick one complaint is that the “Salad” isn’t really much – just some shredded cabbage with a very tasty dressing, but it works well with the meal overall. Honestly, I just felt the review was maybe TOO Positive, and I just wanted to pick one thing I could say something small about.

Overall, Honey Jam rocks. While their menu is limited, I think once you pick a favourite combination of sauce and katsu you’ll hit a home run every time. I will also be back to try some of that udon!

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