Fuzion Donuts


No Physical location available; Delivery on Weekends Only.

What is a good way to spend a Sunday morning? Indulging in doughnuts (and yes, I will insist it should be spelled this way.) with friends while their cats scream at you.

Fuzion Donuts popped up on my Facebook feed – and ever the curious one I ended up clicking through. At first, I thought it was one of those Ghost Kitchen brands you have most likely seen pop up throughout the past two or so years until I browsed the website and learned that Fuzion Donuts was born out of a dream by a former pilot – and even better, it was local and not just a Ghost Kitchen brand! Toating a team with over 17 years of culinary experience, Fuzion Donuts joins Edmonton staples Doughnut Party, Ohana and Destination Doughnuts.

Fuzion Donuts allows you to place an order at virtually anytime with the stipulation that they are only delivered during the weekend – each batch is made throughout the day instead of first thing in the morning and sitting in a case all day. They presently have 12 flavours and orders are available by the dozen only. At this time it is yet to be seen if this selection will change – but the starting dozen have some really interesting flavour combinations that sealed the deal on my order and aforementioned Sunday Breakfast plans. I’ve included the photo to this post below, and have listed my thoughts on each of the 12 flavours in order starting from the back row, going left to right. This wasn’t the order we ate them in, but I don’t think the eating order mattered too much.

I also split these doughnuts with three other people – and while I think they would be okay to cut in half, every doughnut has some sort of filling on the inside with the exception of the cake doughnuts and it made for a pretty messy affair. Mess aside – let’s talk about the flavours, starting with the cake base options.

Cardamom * Honeycomb: A chocolate cake doughnut base flavoured with cardamom. Honeycomb is a bit of a misnomer as it’s actually sponge toffee on top. It was just okay.

Pumpkin Glazed: Full disclosure: this is the only doughnut I did not eat. I don’t care for pumpkin spice flavoured anything, and this one was left until last. None of my snackmates seemed to have a strong opinion on it either.

Candy Cane Special: I’m hoping the special indicates that this is a seasonal flavour because there is, unfortunately, nothing special about this candy cane topped chocolate doughnut.

Cherries and Chocolate: This one is a take on a Black forest cake. I really appreciated the sour cherries!

The cake-based options were all ultimately my least favourite of the dozen. The Cherries and Chocolate was the standout of this particular group. I felt the cake was too dry and dense and the flavours while interesting were ultimately lacking.

How did the yeast-based options hold up?

Hazelnut Praline: The filling inside this particular doughnut made me think of Jell-o pudding, which is a nostalgic flavour, The praline on top had a nice crunch but I didn’t really get much of a hazelnut flavour. The idea behind it 100% reminds me of a Ferrero Roccher, which I do love, so this one was a pass from me.

Lemon Cream and Thyme Meringue:A bit of an upscale take on a lemon meringue pie, which I’m not normally a fan of but the flavours combined with the doughnut was delightful.

Strawberry Cheesecake: This one was disappointing – instead of strawberries on top (as advertised) there was a light swirl of strawberry coulis atop the graham cracker crust. While the cheesecake filling inside did taste well, it had a strangely thick consistency I ultimately wasn’t a fan of.

Co-Co-Coconut: I didn’t like coconut when I was young, but as an adult I have started to enjoy it a bit more. I felt this was maybe overdoing it a little.

Matcha! Matcha!: This was a good blend of bitterness and sweet, almost like a Matcha Latte in a doughnut form.

Silky Caramel: It reminds me of an Ah!Caramel cake, which was a lunchbox staple when I was a wee child. This one I would happily eat again!

Pistachio Rose: I really love rose flavoured things

Apple Cheddar Streusel: This is the one I was the most excited for which is why it was saved for last…sadly, it was disappointing. Not only could none of us taste any sort of cheddar flavour, I found the apple sauce quality of the filling to be extremely offputting.

One Dozen Doughnuts

Overall, these weren’t really that impressive. In fact, I struggled so hard to write this review that almost an entire month has passed and now several of these options are actually formally retired from the line up.

While I wouldn’t write them off completely, I don’t find myself craving any of these flavours. If you’re ordering for a large group and want a better chance at a dozen doughnuts than some of long-standing options that are notoriously busy on weekends – Fuzion would be acceptable. While they didn’t leave a strong impression I am interested in seeing their growth and potentially revisiting in the future to see if they grab me then.

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