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  • Ramen House
    Location: 10430 61 Ave NW Website: http://ramenhouse.ca/ I miss Tokyo. I wasn’t writing Katstro at the time, but when I finally got to go on my lifelong dream trip in March 2019 I was over the moon with excitement. The time I spent there was magical – and every single thing I ate even more …

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  • Dorinku Osaka
    Location: 10328 Jasper Ave Website: https://osaka.dorinku.ca/ Dorinku Osaka, the sister restaurant to Dorinku Tokyo is situated right downtown, close to bustling 104th street. Just like the Tokyo location (review coming for that on a later date!) Osaka focuses on providing their spin on Osaka street food and nightlife. Since it has been absolutely miserably hot, …

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  • Welcome back to Katstronomy
    A few years ago, I begun Katstronomy out of my passion for food. Due to a number of reasons, I stepped away from photographing and writing about food – but I never stopped loving to eat. Now more than ever, it is important to continue to support and love our local options, and I am …

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